Vanessa Ionta Wright


Vanessa and Samantha met at a film festival where both women were screenplay finalists and they went on to produce a couple of films together and launch the Women in Horror Film Festival.  Their goal with Above the Line is to showcase quality work and bring exceptional stories to life.  They are artists supporting artists.

Samantha Kolesnik



Vanessa Wright (director of the short horror film I Baked Him a Cake and Rainy Season, based on the story by Stephen King) is an award winning screenwriter.  Her work has garnered recognition at film festivals & competitions around the globe.  She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Video Production & Film and recently launched the Women in Horror Film Festival with fellow screenwriter, Samantha Kolesnik.  She enjoys punctuality, scary movies, a quick wit, sandwiches, the music of Michael Jackson, Halloween & Bacon Jam.  She does not enjoy bugs, clowns, perpetual lateness, mean people, oppression, laziness, running more than 3 miles or curved walls.

Samantha Kolesnik is a writer and independent film producer living in Pennsylvania. She Co-Produced her nominated short screenplay, The Price of Bones, with NY-based production company, Hollow Tree Films, LLC.  Her screenplays have been recognized at Shriekfest Horror Film Festival, the International Sci Fi and Horror Short Screenplay Competition, GenreBlast Film Festival, Shiver International Film Festival, Lake Charles Film Festival, and more.